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About Soroka Digital LLC

The “Soroka: Russian for Kids” language course was started in 2015, when the first Soroka book was self-published on Amazon.

Marianna Avery was a translator who worked in hospitals and courts. She also taught Russian, her native language, to younger children.

Marianna realized that she didn’t like the books for learning Russian that were available on the market. She started to write her own exercises, and then found an artist to illustrate her books.

Now the books are sold in many countries, including Germany, Italy, France, Japan, South Korea, Britain and Russia.

There are currently four levels of this course, as well as free audio files, help videos on YouTube, and a blog in both English and Russian.

Unfortunately, Amazon has changed its policy and doesn’t accept books in Russian for self-publishing anymore.

That is why Marianna proudly prints her books in the United States, in the state of Louisiana, where she lives with her husband.

Marianna’s goal is to show that learning Russian can be a pleasant experience. With the materials that she has created, she demonstrates that learning Russian can be fun!

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