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Книга Дарьи Кривоборской для чтения на русском языке "Тайна холодного камня".


April in the city of  Taynov. Holidays are coming soon! But it's too early to have a rest: you need to write the last tests at school and, as usual, unravel some mystery. What happened this time in Taynov? And did it happen?


Gorod Taynov is a series of short stories for children who are learning Russian as a foreign language. The action takes place in an imaginary Russian city called Taynov. This book is a little detective story that can be used during the lesson or as a home reading. It can be recommended for А2 level. We hope that our books will increase children's interest in Russian language and culture. Short sentences, simple grammar will help your kids to love reading in Russian. This book suits for Russian language learners who only start reading their first stories in Russian.

Age: 7-13 years

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Mystery of a Cold Stone

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