Sarafan 1 Student's Book

Sarafan 1 Student's Book


The “Sarafan” book series is the next level after the “Soroka: Russian for Kids” series, designed to follow the Soroka 3 level. It is presented in the same format: a Student’s Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Book, all of which dovetail with each other. The Student’s Book for Sarafan 1 helps students to learn grammar – specifically, finishing all the cases – by engaging them with exercises presented with a travel theme.

Besides learning how to name different countries and languages in Russian, students will learn how to say that they go from one place to another. Within the pages of the Student’s Book, they will explore Russia with a crew of cosmonauts; visit Lake Baikal in the south of Siberia, and the Valley of Geysers on the Kamchatka Peninsula; marvel at polar nights (Aurora Borealis) in Murmansk; and enjoy the warm hospitality of people in the Ural mountain range. As with the Soroka series, techniques used include exercises, dictations and oral drills.

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Автор Марианна Авери

Иллюстратор Ирина Кравцова

Сарафан 1 - учебник русского языка как иностранного для детей.