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“Soroka: Russian for Kids” was created for children ages 7 through 9 who are learning Russian for the first time. This course is suitable for speakers of all languages. Each of the three levels have a Student’s Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Book that complement each other. The Student’s Book for Soroka 1 makes learning fun by presenting grammar structures and their functions in context through the use of captivating games, pictures and comics. Students learn how to introduce themselves, greet people and count to 10; basic colors; how to say “I have”; things people eat and drink; and how to speak about things such as location (“Where?”) and clothes. Students also study how to read Cyrillic (— it’s really not scary at all). 
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ISBN 978-1-4951-7990-7

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Автор Марианна Авери

Иллюстратор Ирина Кравцова

Soroka 1 Russian for Kids Student's Book

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