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Soroka 2 Teacher’s Book – English-language version:


The Teacher’s Book contains all of the explanations for concepts and answers to assignments, as well as extra activities for class and home, as part of the second level of the “Soroka: Russian for Kids” course. The Teacher’s Book complements a Student’s Book and an Activity Book.


“Soroka: Russian for Kids” was created for children ages 7 through 9 who are learning Russian for the first time. This course is suitable for speakers of all languages. Each of the three levels has a Student’s Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Book that complement each other.


Audio files are available for free on


(This is the English-language version of the original Soroka 3 Teacher’s Book, which was written in Russian. The English-language version contains the same content as the Russian-language version.)


Soroka 2 Teacher’s Book – English-language version

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