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Soroka 3 is the third level of a Russian language course, “Soroka: Russian for Kids.” The Student’s Book keeps going with numbers; explains possession (“Ivan has a bike,” “Maria has a computer”); shows how to count money and tell how much everything costs; covers how to speak about food and cooking, and about the human body and doctor’s appointments; and explains how to say “playing football” and “playing the guitar.” It also includes a comic strip about boys who help a dog to come home, and introduces a selection of popular Russian fairy tales.

“Soroka: Russian for Kids” was created for children ages 7 through 9 who are learning Russian for the first time. This course is suitable for speakers of all languages. Each of the three levels have a Student’s Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Book that complement each other.

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ISBN 978-1-7923-7416-6


Автор Марианна Авери

Иллюстратор Ирина Кравцова

Учебник Сорока 3 из учебно-методического комплекса Сорока 3.


Soroka 3 Russian for Kids Student's Book

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